Lawyer's Office


The nationwide office exists since 2004 as an
office community with lawyer Oliver Rahnama.

Lawyer I. CHAUDHRY takes over particular clients in the activity main fields criminal law, labour law and tenancy law. Other legal main activities of the office focuses on immigration and citizenship law, family law and traffic law.

The international adjustment of the office appears in the procedure of clients communication into ENGLISH, PAKISTANI (URDU & PUNJABI) and INDIAN (HINDI).

Lawyer I. CHAUDHRY is a member in the Wiesbaden lawyer's association (WiesbadenerAnwaltVerein), in the German lawyer's association (DeutscherAnwaltVerein) as well as in the union of Hessian criminal defenders Inc. (Vereinigung Hessischer Strafverteidiger e.V.). Besides, lawyer I. Chaudhry is a member of the working group criminal law (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht) and the working group labour law (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeitsrecht) of the German lawyer's association (DAV).

Regular update training in the areas of the main fields as well as other lawyer’s activity areas are obvious.

Clients receive comprehensive judical consultation in the office. As far as, clients require special judical specialisations, which do not belong to the activity main fields of the office, contact can be established to other competent lawyers of the asked fields.