Activity Fields (Practice areas)

Kanzlei LAWYER I. CHAUDHRY disposes on account of the intensive and comprehensive education as well as his several years practical activity of sound knowledge in all basic legal areas.

To give you an overview about the content main activity fields, subjects with particularly detailed legal knowledge are listed below. If you do not find again your personal problem in the exemplary listing, simply appeal to lawyer I. CHAUDHRY.

Since his motto is: If you are "rightless and helpless", he is the right contact person.

▪ C r i m i n a l   l a w

The criminal law contains the right to the punishment of offence and crime. In the area of the criminal law one easily gets between the wheels of the penal justice. Besides, the bases for the other progress of the penal procedure are already laid often in the preliminary proceedings.
Fair penal procedure mostly of a state under the rule of law can be guaranteed by an untimely turning on of a penal defender in the preliminary proceedings. Besides, the victim with lawyers help as a joint plaintiff can also protect his rights.
The representation in the preliminary proceedings as well as in the whole penal measure of execution and penal measure of execution of sentence encloses above all the legal issues:

  • ▪ Strafanzeige (complaint)
  • ▪ Beschuldigtenvernehmung (accused interrogation)
  • ▪ Zeugenvernehmung (hearing of witnesses)
  • ▪ Ermittlungsverfahren (preliminary proceedings)
  • ▪ Strafbefehl (penalty order)
  • ▪ Anklage (accusation)
  • ▪ Haftbefehl (arrest warrant)
  • ▪ Hausdurchsuchung (house search)
  • ▪ Bußgeldverfahren (fine proceedings)
  • ▪ Nebenkläger (Joint plaintiff)
  • ▪ Berufung und Revision (appeal to higher court / remedy)
  • ▪ Strafvollzug (penalty execution)
  • ▪ Wiederaufnahmeverfahren (retrial)

▪ L a b o u r   l a w

The labour law regulates in particular all conflicts appearing in the working life between the working parties to a contract. Therefore, frequent consultation is needed, if it is from the point of view of the employee concerning the right approach against employer-sided legal measures or it is from the point of view of the employer for the preparation of the suitable actions.
The out of court (extrajudicial) representation as well as enforcement of interest in the labour court process contains above all the legal issues:

  • ▪ Arbeitsvertrag / Arbeitsvertragsbedingungen (employment contract / conditions of employment)
  • ▪ Kündigung (wrongful dismissal)
  • ▪ Aufhebungsvertrag (termination agreement)
  • ▪ Arbeitszeugnisse (employer's reference)
  • ▪ Sonderzahlungen (special payment)
  • ▪ Überstunden (Mehrarbeit) / Kurzarbeit (overtime / short-time work)
  • ▪ AGG und Mobbing (discrimination and mobbing / workplace bullying)
  • ▪ Vertragsstrafen (contract penalty)
  • ▪ Entgeltfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall (continuing pay in casses of illness)
  • ▪ Tarifvertragsrecht (law covering collective bargaining)
  • ▪ einstweiliger Rechtsschutz (injunction)
  • ▪ Betriebsrat (works council)

▪ I m m i g r a t i o n   and   c i t i z e n s h i p   l a w

Particular in field of law (AufenthG) belongs to this legal area. Deportation and remand pending deportation are only two headwords that makes foreign citizens fear over and over again.
The earlier you search for lawyers help, the chances become bigger that the foreign authority can be brought for yielding.

  • ▪ Duldung (toleration certificates)
  • ▪ Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit)
  • ▪ Niederlassungserlaubnis (forever permit)
  • ▪ Familienzusammenführung (family reunification)
  • ▪ Zuzug zu Familienangehörigen (to add to members of the family)
  • ▪ Abschiebehaft (remand pending deportation)
  • ▪ Arbeitserlaubnis (work permit)
  • ▪ Asylverfahren (asylum case)
  • ▪ Einbürgerung (naturalization)

▪ T e n a n c y   l a w

The tenancy law deals with all questions in connection with a private or commercial rent object. Disputes often appear with defects of the rent matter, operating expenses accounts and notices.
The out of court (extrajudicial) representation as well as enforcement of interest in the rent-juridical process contains above all the legal issues:

  • ▪ Mietvertragsrecht (lease contracts law)
  • ▪ Schönheitsreparaturen (decorative repairs)
  • ▪ Kündigung bzw. Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses (notice or termination of the lease contract)
  • ▪ Kündigung wegen Eigenbedarfs (notice because of personal requirements)
  • ▪ Sonderkündigungsrechte, Privilegierte Kündigung des Vermieters
          (special rights to cancel, privileged notice of the landlord)
  • ▪ Stellen von Nachmietern (post of new tenants)
  • ▪ Untervermietung (subleasing)
  • ▪ Zahlung, Rückerstattung und Einbehalt/Verrechnung der Mietkaution (payment, repayment of the deposit)
  • ▪ Räumungsklage und Räumungsvergleich (action for possession and clearing)
  • ▪ Mängelanzeige, Mietmängel und Mietminderung (fault announcement, rent faults and rent decrease)
  • ▪ Betriebskosten und Betriebskostenabrechnungen (operating costs)
  • ▪ Mieterhöhung, z.B. aufgrund von Modernisierungsmaßnahmen (rent rise, e.g., on the basis of modernisation measures)
  • ▪ Befristung von Mietverträgen, Zeitmietverträge (limitation of rent contracts, short-time rent contracts)
  • ▪ Abmahnung (warning)

▪ T r a f f i c   l a w

The traffic law encloses, on the one hand, the traffic criminal law, the breach of the law right and the penalty right on the other hand the judicial and out of court (extrajudicial) settlement of claim after a traffic accident.
The penal defence in the traffic penal procedure, breach of the law procedure and penalty procedure belongs here also to the lawyer's activities like the perception of her interests concerning the settlement of claim after an accident.
The out of court (extrajudicial) representation against the other party, or the liability insurer as well as enforcement of interest compared with the traffic authority, (driving licence and so on) and in the process contains above all the legal issues:

  • ▪ Abwicklung von Verkehrsunfällen (dealing with traffic accidents)
  • ▪ Abwicklung von Verkehrsunfällen in EU-Mitgliedsstaaten (dealing with traffic accidents in EU member states)
  • ▪ Geltendmachung der Sach- und Personenschäden (claim for the material and personal damages)
  • ▪ Nutzungsausfall, Mietwagenkosten, Verdienstausfall (failure of utilisation, hired car costs, loss of earnings)
  • ▪ Bemessung des Schmerzensgeldes, Kapital- oder Rentenzahlung
          (calculation compensation, capital or pensions payment)
  • ▪ Quotenhaftung / Abrechnung auf Gutachtenbasis (rate liability / account on certificate base)
  • ▪ Rechtsmittel gegen Bußgeldbescheid, Strafbefehl oder Urteil (appeal against penalty decision or judgments)
  • ▪ Verteidigung im OWi-Verfahren sowie Verkehrsstrafverfahren (defence in fine proceedings or traffic penal procedure)
  • ▪ Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitungen / Abstandsmessung (exceedings the speed limit / distance measurement)
  • ▪ Rotlichtverstöße (red light offence)
  • ▪ Fahrverbot (driving ban)
  • ▪ Unfallflucht, 142 StGB (hit-and-run crime)
  • ▪ Alkohol, Trunkenheit und Drogen im Straßenverkehr, 316 StGB (alcohol, drunkenness and drugs in the traffic)
  • ▪ Eignungszweifel und MPU (suitability doubt and medical-psychological examination)
  • ▪ Straßenverkehrsgefährdung und gefährlicher Eingriff in den Straßenverkehr, 315 b, c StGB (traffic danger)
  • ▪ Entzug der Fahrerlaubnis, Beschlagnahme und vorläufige Entziehung, Erteilung einer Sperre
          (denial of the driving licence, seizure and temporary extraction, granting of a barrier)